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To increase visibility, establish a corporate image, we in the "Sincerity-centered, credibility first," purpose, and "save you money, and excellence" to the principle of your solemn promise:

A product quality commitments:
1, Division I products on sale are records and the quality of data.
2, the purchases of imported products and sales channels have adopted formal.

B product price undertakings:
1, in order to ensure high reliability and product advanced nature of the selection system are domestic or international selection of quality brand-name products.
2, in the same competitive conditions, I do not companies to reduce product technical performance, changes in the cost of product components on the basis of good faith to the best prices available to customers.

C delivery time commitments:
1, product delivery time: as far as possible according to user requirements, and if so special requirements, the need to be completed ahead of schedule, I can be special arrangements company engineers overtime installation, maintenance, and strive to meet user needs.

D after-sales service commitments:
1, the service: rapid, decisive, accurate, thoughtful, thorough.
2, service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction.
3, the efficiency of services: maintenance period or warranty period, such as equipment failure, I Division will, after receiving the notice, within 24 hours to send maintenance staff arrived at the scene and began repairs.
4, Division I in the maintenance period technical staff will be conducted once a month home seized to ensure normal operation of customer’s machine.

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