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A circuit board maintenance engineers: 4-6 Gender: Male Open-age

1, college education, electronic or electrical professional, right-SYSETEM FANUC system over 2002 work experience, independent right-SYSETEM Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, NC defined as equipment maintenance or technical advice.

2, with English or Japanese, who have a driver's license priority.

B technical maintenance engineers: 5-8 Gender: Male CH-36-year-old age

1, the company in charge of the South China region sheet metal equipment maintenance, maintenance, maintenance services;

2, to ensure the timely and efficient completion of the installation of equipment debugging;

3, which provide customers with all the safety equipment, maintenance, operation and training related knowledge and guidance;

4, mechatronics, automation, mechanical professional college education, fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese; A sheet metal industry machinery and equipment maintenance to two years

The maintenance experience, are familiar with driving the company Amada equipment priority.

C, sales representative: Several Sex: Male-30-year-old age streak

1, college education;
2, more than two years sales experience (had sheet metal industry sales experience) priority;
3, the image of a good, strong communication skills, a stable client resources and higher capacity planning activities;
4, a strong ability to expand the market, to the hardy, independent leadership issued to complete the task, a team player;
5, the question of who received generous tact, patience and meticulous;
6, a strong sense of service, good communication and coordination, and able to adapt to the high efficiency of the work environment;
7, proactive work in a serious and responsible; Structured work, and be good at handling complicated matters;
8, humbly, studious, good at thinking, work and be good at summing up, improve, and enhance;


-- Implementation of sales plans to achieve sales target
-- Developing new sales channels, development of new distribution customers
-- And dealers maintain a good working relationship and help build brand image and retail support
-- Timely market information and follow-up activities of competitors
-- Provide timely and effective product information, pricing strategies, distribution channels and retail display program

D accounting 2 Sex: Female Age CH-35-year-old

1, to handle the overall Accounts, holders of licenses for employment, a more junior certificates, more than two years work experience in Dongguan;
2, normal, honest and upright, stability, greater pressure to bear;
3, skillfully use UF, the dish financial software, strong understanding and implementation;
4, a strong sense of confidentiality and very good professionalism, integrity.

E English/Japanese clerks: 2 Sex: Female Age-26-year-old Foster

1,full-time specialist and over professional qualifications and through four(Japanese professional 2),
Listening, speaking and writing ability, and has a good text processing capabilities, skilled use of office facilities and various types of windows, office, word, excel and skilled application of a certain translation experience;

2, in charge of Europe and the United States to conduct day-to-day business and technical exchanges and contacts, general manager of the business and assist the project can meet abroad The time difference overtime and travel.

3, in school, college or relevant experience of translation candidates are welcome.

More jobs as a recruiting and treatment package, after a probationary period, the company will purchase each endowment insurance and medical insurance, there will be the end of the year-end awards, performance awards and prizes Assembly

In addition to grade themselves in the professional skills to meet business requirements, we are more interested in the job character, attitude and overall quality, state of mind and not impetuous service request, please carefully put curriculum vitae.

I would appreciate your curriculum vitae Email:
of the case, not to visit!

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