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Division I in the 7th China (Changan) International Exhibition mechanical metal mold
润之数控原创 [2007-11-22]

Approved by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology, China Machinery Industry Federation, Guangdong Economic and Trade Commission and the Dongguan Municipal People's government organized township government in Dongguan mayor of Dongguan City metal machinery Die Industry Association, Dongguan City Holdings Limited and the side of the crown of Dongguan City Holdings Limited contractors , "Die town, equipment China," was the theme of "7th China (Changan) International Machinery Exhibition metal mold" will be 22-25 November 2007, "China National Machinery and metal mold town," Mayor township Poly DongguanInternational Machinery and metal mold City(A Museum) and Evergreen International Plaza mechanical hardware (B Hall).

It is learned that since 2001 Changan town offered metal mold exhibition, the 16th consecutive success achieved, expanded exhibition scale year after year, the increasing strength of exhibitors to show China's equipment manufacturing industry annual "Heroes", and the Chinese hardware sector machinery Die one of the most influential professionals industry Show. Exhibitors at the exhibition area of 120,000 M ?, a total of 1,600 booths were divided into mechanical, metal processing and annex galleries, galleries die and accessories, hardware tools galleries, automation and control functions of the eight galleries and galleries, is expected to be nearly 30 million venue.

In the 21st century, mechanical metal mold industry very vitality, bright prospects, unlimited business opportunities, Chang'an Town Committee town government seize the opportunities and vigorously promote a professional mechanical metal mold characteristics of the town economic development ideas development Changan, China (Changan) International Machinery Exhibition will be held metal mold, rather era significance, Changan will vigorously promote the improvement and upgrading of the industrial structure.
"Long Show" - the metal mold of domestic industries have a far-reaching impact on the professional show, not only to the town of Chang'an metal mold industry renowned at home and abroad, leaders at all levels to understand Changan, Chang'an concern, but also through the exhibition highlights the Chang'an town mechanical metal mold industries, the main attracted the country internal and external mechanical metal mold manufacturers, dealers, buyers quickly gathered in this wonderful hot land, a town in South China Changan machinery, molds and metals distribution of small commodities trading, while promoting Changan town mechanical metal mold industry as a snowball as rapid development of 2,005 elderly township has been rated as "China mechanical metal mold of the town" and "Torch Plan of Guangdong Province with the first base Die," in 2006 and was named "Die Guangdong hardware upgrade industrial clusters demonstration zone" in 2007 was named a "National Torch Plan Die characteristics industrial base." Changan metal mold industry in the town formed a significant cluster of economic, Chang'an mechanical metal mold "in the industry establish their own brand.

The international exhibition has witnessed a bright spot
(1) all three-dimensional advertising. Organizers spent more than 1,000 million, from September to November, CCTV, Guangdong Satellite TV media marketing campaign known as Chang'an metal mold characteristics of this industry and show. Meanwhile, outdoor advertising inject 10, invite professional media 100, 50 mass media, advertising 400 version / article, send invitations, tickets, tour guides, and other outreach - 500000, fax 50000 were repeated, and repeated messages nearly 300,000, the letter show income direct potential buyers at home and abroad, propaganda and expanded several times over the previous sessions.
(2) industry associations participating. China Federation of Machinery, Taiwan Mold Industry Association, the National Federation of Metalworkers electromechanical Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Industry and Commerce in Guangdong Province metal electromechanical Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Province Die professional associations and trade associations will be issued a document to mobilize and actively inviting members to visit enterprises, procurement; The exhibition also received Germany, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom and overseas Association of cooperation and support. In addition, the PRD will be organized Die, electronics, footwear, Auto Parts and components industry leading enterprise procurement groups to procurement.
(3) accelerating the pace of international. The exhibition highlights the "professional, international, market-oriented brand of" Office Exhibition ideas, launched in the breeze, Germany's Siemens, DMG, Mitsubishi Motors, Die 5,500, Hardinge, Haas, internationally renowned brands such positive response exhibitors, specialized components Array Vice heyday "of the exhibition" in the international brand. Vietnam Mechanical Engineering Society, the Association of Vietnamese Die, Die Association of Thailand, Singapore Mold Association, the Indian Machine Tool Association will also work with "long exhibition" establish strategic alliances, groups composed of overseas exhibitors and organized transnational purchasing groups. Meanwhile, the seventh "long show," organizers fluttering innovative ideas, the implementation of the "going out" strategy, taking international route, to strengthen Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and the European manufacturing industry associations developed leadership and the large multinational corporations promote comprehensive presentation "China mechanical metal mold town," industrial style and brand image, promote the 7th China (Changan) International Machinery Exhibition metal mold.
2007 7th China (Changan) International Machinery Exhibition metal mold at the 16th exhibition will be held on the basis of a comprehensive trade show results, in order to expand internationally renowned enterprises as the main exhibitors, Sishanghuiyou build a bridge to promote Changan mechanical advantage of the new metal mold industry. So famous international brands in the number of participating enterprises, professional buyers number of participants, and the total number of transactions in another record high, its best to build "international brand" of the professional show, the Chang'an caused a "mechanical Distributed base metal mold."

Then I will be in Division A and the international Poly Museum booth No. 258 exhibitors are welcome to the new and old customers to visit the scene!
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