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The main laser cutting process
润之数控原创 [2007-10-9]
1, vaporization cutting.

The high power density laser beam heating, surface temperature to the boiling point temperature the speed is so fast enough to avoid the heat conduction melting, vaporization was part of a steam disappeared, as some materials emitted from the kerf at the bottom of the auxiliary gas flow was blown off.

2, melt cutting.
When the incident laser beam power density above a certain value, the beam irradiation point Ma Kai material internal evaporation, forming holes. Once the holes formed, it will absorb all the bold as the incident light beam energy. Small holes were surrounded by molten metal wall, and then, with the support beam coaxial airflow around the hole melting material removed. With mobile workpiece, by cutting holes simultaneously teloping direction, forming a kerf. Laser beam to continue along this seam in the forefront of irradiation, or sustained pulsating melting material from within the joints were blown off.

3, oxidation melting cutting.

Melting cutting general use inert gas, if replaced by the activity of oxygen or other gases, materials in the laser beam irradiation was ignited, and a fierce oxygen chemical reaction and produce another heat source, called oxidation melting cutting. 4, fracture controlled cutting.

For easy heating damage brittle materials, through a high-speed laser beam heating, controllable cut, called the control fracture cutting. This cutting process mainly include: laser beam heating small regional brittle materials, in the region arising from the large thermal gradient and severe mechanical deformation, resulting in formation of cracks. As long as a balanced heating gradient, can guide the laser beam cracks in the direction of any need to produce.
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