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The main characteristics of laser cutting
润之数控原创 [2007-10-9]
1,laser cutting kerf narrow, small deformation of the workpiece.

Confocal laser beam into a small light, the focus of the very high power density. Then the heat input beam was far more than material reflection, transmission or spread of parts, materials quickly heated to the extent of vaporization, evaporation formed holes. With a relatively linear beams and material movement for the formation of holes very narrow width of the kerf. Trimming heating little effect, basically no deformation of the workpiece.

Cutting the process of adding and cutting materials were appropriate to support the vapor. Steel cutting use as a supplemental oxygen and molten metal vapor produce exothermic chemical reaction of material, while helping to thrive slotted in the slag. Cutting a polypropylene plastics used compressed air, cotton, and for cutting the use of flammable materials inert vapor. Enter the auxiliary nozzle cooling vapor can focus lens, the lens to prevent dust pollution at the lens and the lens resulting overheating.

The majority of organic and inorganic materials can be used laser cutting. In industrial manufacturing system occupies a heavy weight of the metal processing industry, many metallic materials, whether it's what kind of hardness, can be carried out without cutting deformation. Of course, the high reflectivity of materials such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum, which is also a good heat conductor, laser cutting very difficult, if not cut.

No laser cutting burr, fold, high precision, better than plasma cutting. Many electrical and mechanical manufacturing industries, as a modern computer controlled laser cutting system to facilitate cutting different shapes and sizes of the workpiece, it is often more than punching, molding process was more priority selection; Despite its processing speed is also slower than the modulus Chong, but it did not die consumption, not repair mold, replacement Mold saving time, saving processing costs, reducing the cost of production, so in general is considered more cost-effective.

2, laser cutting is a high-energy density controllable good contact processing.

A focused laser beam energy is very small role, it is applied to many of the characteristics of cutting. First, the laser light energy into thermal energy at an alarming very small region can provide:

(1) narrow the Straight Edge slotting;

(2) the smallest neighboring Trimming the heat-affected zone;

(3) minimal local deformation.

Second, the laser beam to the workpiece not exert any force, it is non-contact cutting tools, which means:

(1) without mechanical deformation of the workpiece;

(2) no tool wear, no conversion tool;

(3) It is not necessary to cut material hardness, laser cutting capacity that was cut from the material hardness, hardness of any material can be cut. Again, laser-beam controllability, and high adaptability and flexibility, which combined with the automation equipment is convenient, easy to implement cutting process automation; Since there are no restrictions on the workpiece cutting, laser beam profiling cutting has unlimited capacity; Combined with the computer, the whole plate nesting, material savings.

3, laser cutting with a broad adaptability and flexibility.

And compared to other conventional processing methods, laser cutting with greater adaptability.

First, and other thermal cutting methods, the same as thermal cutting process, other methods should not be like laser beams as a minimal role in the region, resulting in a wide incision, and the heat-affected zone deformation of the workpiece obvious. Laser cutting can be non-metallic, and other thermal cutting methods are not
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